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Wine Notes - Rate, Track and Share Your Wine app for iPhone and iPad

4.0 ( 4080 ratings )
Lifestyle Food & Drink
Developer: Media Business Corp
Current version: 3.2, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 31 Aug 2009
App size: 22.14 Mb

“The perfect template to record your wine of choice, your experience and what exactly you taste that tickles your fancy.” - Mashable

The iPhone app to rate, track and share your wine as a true wine enthusiast.

Wine Notes puts you in charge of rating and tracking your wine with in-depth ratings system and enhanced features that will bring out the wine expert in you. Enjoy taking wine notes!


- Store your ratings, photos, aromas, and tasting notes for the complete wine experience.
- Manage a detailed inventory of the wines in your cellar.
- Enjoy sleek design and comprehensive features.
- Share your reviews through Twitter and Facebook.
- Create a "wish list" for the next time youre in the wine aisle.
- Search for wine by scanning the barcode.

Testimonials from people using Wine Notes

“It’s perfect for wine lovers. I’m really happy that I found this app!!! It’s very detailed so I can write down everything I felt.” - Cinedone

Highly recommended

“I’m a newbie when it comes to wines. I mostly wanted an app to catalogue what wines I liked. I love the “cloud” sync capability of syncing my database online. I had to get a new phone once, logged in and synced ... Everything was back in the app! Well done!” - microChasm

Great wine app!!
“Best dang wine app out there for the iPhone. Period.” - VC79


“A great app. It’s taking my wine experience to the next level. I’m finally keeping tasting notes with this app, since it’s so easy, and pretty fun. The photos of flavor similarities (an optional entry for each wine profile) have been surprisingly helpful in my tasting.” - X45$7

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Pros and cons of Wine Notes - Rate, Track and Share Your Wine app for iPhone and iPad

Wine Notes - Rate, Track and Share Your Wine app good for

This app is one of the best to wines lovers around world, because it allows you organize your records of wines easily. Thank you!
One big feature missing: harmonization! It ought to have a screen we could use to select what kind of food should be served with the wine were tasting (just like the screen provided to select flavors). Another pro would be the possibility to record at least 2 photos for each wine, cause a picture of the label that comes in the back of each bottle is just as important as the front label. Me and most of my friends at the ABS (Brazilian Association of Sommeliers) prefer this app instead of some others on the Apple store because it doesnt just give you all the info on the wine just by scanning the label. We prefer to make our own notes. Should it have the features above (2 pictures for each wine and the harmonization screen Id easily pay $10 for it, because its the best of its kind hands down. One last thing: I liked the later pallete for the wine color much more than the new version (3 buttons - red, rose, white- and 2 slide controls.
I like the app and its barcode scanner which eases the creation of new entries. The share function does not work with IPhone 5 and IOS 6.0.2 (neither FB nor Twitter) and I wait for an update to fix this issue. But this decreases the score only by one star.
A great app for keeping track of wines we have tried. The app has a online sync option allowing wine notes to be synchronized across devices. Only thing I miss in the app is a way to better handle aromas.
The app allows for a very detailed description The input is easy I love that it sync between my ipad and iphone Needs Abuility to take a picture of the label Wine prophile for easier editing Better intwgration and sharing with bar code look up Dual rating for spouses Shopping list Export to excel and email Keep up the good work
Its nice to keep track of what wine I liked and the ones I didnt. The notes section is perfect to write whether or not the hubby liked the wine and what food it pairs well with. On there being no Canadian regions, I just added them and then saved it. It was a great addition to my recent trip to the Okanagan.

Some bad moments

Cannot enter a note anymore, on iPhone 5 running iOS 8.1. No input field.
The recent update forced me to delete the app immediately. Manual account registration did not work, instead I got stuck over and over again on the popup with the terms of service, despite I repeatedly tried to confirmed them with a tap on the corresponding button. So I had to try the facebook login (against my will) and at least that worked well enough to let me make screenshots of my saved wines and say good bye. Updates should make software better, not worse. Lesson failed.
This is a great app. It works fine, keep a log of the bottles you have in stock. Theres a place for wine tasting comments. BUT on the 30 bottles I have at home, the app couldnt identify any wines. At least, when you enter them it can find them back using the UPC.
I have tried to scan multiple wines thru the bar code and it has not recognized even one yet :(
A couple things that dont impress me as stated... the scanner doesnt scan and the search doesnt connect to a world database so I have make my own entries to search for. How is that attractive?
Its a free app, however it doesnt really do much... I have yet to scan a bottle of wine that shows up in the app.

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